Walking for a good healthy life is paramount.   In the first instance, it is what every child learn to do at the earliest beginning of development, probably nine months to twelve.  A child should have learnt to stand and take a walk.  Practice makes perfect, and day by day, this child becomes confident, and learn-to walk fast and starts running, learning achieved.  Therefore, walking is a necessity in life.  Moreover, most activities concerning movement require walking when full health is present.



Often people say we take a walk and what does this phrase mean exactly, l will tell you.  Taking a walking exercise is healthy from a psychosocial, biological and philosophical point of view.  Walking will help you to lose weight; of course, this is correct as it burns off excess calories in the body.  It helps to feel light and improves digestion and cardiovascular system.

However, there are many benefits to walking exercise.  Your bones and muscles will become stronger, get to stretch and to feel healthier.  The fresh air is so amazing that you feel alive again. Psychologically improved, able to think straight, and anger is well controlled, and if not forgotten and forgive.  Walking also enhances and strengthen relationships. Couples who take a walk during the day or evening have lots to talk about and fallen more in love due to a better understanding of one another.  Good idea also, for families, the family that walks together stays together.



Walking exercise is so cheap and most effective if fully committed.  It explains why most people that walk a dog feel healthier, only because they experienced the benefits, and are fully committed to walking their dogs and at the same time enjoy the outcome of walking.  It is cheap, all you need is comfortable shoes or trainers. You can manage the distance able to walk, either once a day or twice a day and how many times a week.  Guess, one hundred and fifty minutes is not that bad as tolerated.

However, if for any reason, unable to walk far distance, a minimum distance is good enough and increase daily as able to manage.  You can take your walk around your garden if unable to walk outdoors.  Some people take their walking in their long corridors.  Walking takes place anywhere safe, so long the intended minutes is achieved.


Get your walking shoes and comfortable wears, putting music to the ears while walking isn’t a bad idea.  Music will help you to achieve the speed of your walking time, and the tune will enhance motivation.  Go out there and take a walk daily, sooner you will reap the benefits of walking that cost absolutely nothing except for the time committed.



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