The plight of homelessness in any society has increased. The number of homeless individuals sleeping rough on the streets, the bus stops, and outside the shops to pass the night is unacceptable. Also, the individuals sleep anywhere around the season in most European, American and Asian Countries, and part of African Countries.

The Society

Members of the society give goodwill to the homeless such as winter clothes, quilt, money and sleeping bags, which is excellent. Similarly, a wealthy man or a woman can build a small apartment and house a few homeless individuals. However, the government, whose sole responsibility is to deliver the duty of care, to the people they govern, turned a blind eye. The numbers of homeless persons have increased over the last five years. Today you will see on every corner of the streets homeless persons.

Practical and Reality

This homeless issue has become a Universal problem and according to the World Health Organisation that says “Health is a Fundamental Human Right” and of course this quote includes homelessness, starvation, clean water, housing, among others.


Psychological Impact

The homeless individual, as well as their families, must be going through a lot of stress. Families do not know where their loved one is. And even if they do, the homeless person might prefer for some reason to remain on the street. It breaks the heart of such a family.


Individuals, rough sleeping, costs the healthcare organisations a tremendous amount of money every year. The fund should have been used in the first place to care for these people.


Effects of Homelessness

Sleeping rough causes malaise, hunger, fear, anxiety, panic and contactable diseases. The lack of sleep and hunger damages physical and mental health illness. Activities of daily living and necessary facilities for personal care is nowhere near reach.


We must help one another during tough times; anyone can be in such a situation at any point in life. Let’s make our Society a better place to live, and show the young generation how to love, share, and support one another.


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