The effects of music on health is indescribable.  There are different types of music, and all have a therapeutic impact on our feelings and health.  How we feel affects our mood. Therefore, it is fair to say that music and dancing is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Often, we talk about exercises, healthy diet, balanced diet, giving up smoking and alcohol, but we tend to forget that music also plays a significant role in health and well-being.


Some types of music serve as a therapy for the body and soul, good for psychological stability and emotional distress in terms of calming solution.  Many occasions, l have witness soft music helping some clients to fall asleep on the hospital bed, and yet other interventions failed.

Music is medicinal, joyful, and healing of the mind.  The power of music is enormous in health.  It takes control of our emotions positively.  Often people cry, smile, dance, feel happy, fall in love and all in the name of music.  But, what is it in music that its so powerful to capture our inner feelings so passionately?  The songs shapes movement and psychological well being.  And, dancing is good for the heart, brain, digestive system, bones, muscles and other organ functions.  It promotes physical and mental stability in all circumstances.  Dancing is so good that l thought if only we can sing and dance, the world would remain a better place to live.


Music is old and has been in existence from the very beginning and today lives on. Music survives language barrier, ethnicity, gender, sex and inequality.  Music and dancing bring people together all over the world and does not matter if you understand the language used or not, the passion in the voice, the beats, drums all said it all.  You dance along, even if only to shake the head, it heals the mind, music is a great physician. Long ago, music was a form of a messenger, and great people pass messages through music to the world. The musicians sang with passion and compassion and not for money or fame; they sang so beautifully and delivered the news with enthusiasm.

The introduction of cool and calm music to the hospitals for in-patient is paramount. One may argue about the negative impact, but no, it provides a positive outcome if the right music is delivered.  Music therapy is undoubtedly necessary for critically ill patients, and it depends on circumstances.  However, it does help to heal the mind and make the pain ease off gradually.  It brightens the day and brings hope alive, reduces anxiety and stress of all callings.  Music helps with the sleeping problem and a useful source of meditation.  It is suitable for comfort, and the healing of headaches, hyperactive and underactive moods.  Music is a world-class physician.  Who does not like or want a piece of music?  We need songs for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and also any gathering.  And, indeed, songs are part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, everyone should embrace quality music to promote their health. 











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