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A balanced diet is an essential factor that improves the building block of cells in the human body.  A balanced diet is utmostly necessary for our activities of daily living.

Similarly, our organs and tissues need adequate nutrition to work effectively. Therefore, without proper food, our health is prone to many types of infections, diseases, fatigue — also, tiredness, sleepiness, disorientation and poor performance.  However, balance diet comes with discipline, knowledge and cost.


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Although, knowing about the different food types makes it easier to make choices about our daily diet.  Protein from meat, a fish type that has oil, helps our body cells to grow and repair.  Fish oil is good for the functions of the brain.  Similarly, a proper diet maintains functioning homeostasis, and homeostasis is responsible for maintaining the healthy functioning of the body.  A healthy human body should have a body temperature of 36-37-C, the optimum temperature for enzymes to function.

Also, the functions of homeostasis are to maintain a healthy cell balance within internal organs and the environment.  And, overall balance within the body regarding its temperature, water concentration, salt concentration, and food intake.  Generally, living organisms need to maintain homeostasis regularly to grow correctly, work, and survive.


A diet consisting of different types of food, and providing adequate amounts of the nutrients that are necessary for good health is essential.  Therefore, speak to your Nutritionist to recommend Eatwell guide for you. Look out for food allergens, ensure you know what you are allergic to regarding ingredients when cooking and buying food from a restaurant.


Try your best to eat well and rest after eating to allow proper digestion.  We all eat food, but what does the food contain and how often should we eat a specific type of food and vegetables?  It is good to know, such a positive attitude needs strict discipline.  Speak to experts to recommend individual “Eat well Guide”, this means what works for you. Overall, the purpose is to maintain a useful function of the organs leading to better health and enjoyable life.  Remember to drink enough freshwater and reduce the number of fizzy drinks and processed juices. Clean coconut water is also desirable.

A discipline balanced diet offers weight loss, happiness, improve memory.  Also, reduce the risk of cancers, diabetes, heart ill-health, and stroke prevention.  Furthermore, a well-balanced diet provides essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body and mind active and healthy.  Similarly, eating well helps to maintain healthy body weight, body mass index, provide energy, allow better sleep, and improve brain function.  However, body mass index (BMI) is a calculation of using height and weight formula to measure if we are overweight or not, using a simple BMI calculation tool.

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The advantage of BMI calculation is to find out whether we have a healthy weight for our height and what to do about it, if overweight or obese. Firstly, a healthy weight means not being underweight or overweight.  A BMI of 20-25 is considered healthy for most adults between 18-65 years of age.  Putting on weight and trying to lose weight is hard work.  Therefore, do not be disheartened or demotivated if progress is slow while trying to lose weight.  It is essential to decide on small practical changes that you feel comfortable with, and that you can stick to, that enhances the weight loss process.  It is very much quicker to add weight, and that’s why it is paramount to measure the type of diet, organise timetable for eating and cut off unhealthy food habits.


Eating a healthy balanced diet accompanied by a regular exercise is essential in maintaining physical, mental health and well-being.  Moreover, a daily practice not only useful in preventing excess weight gain or in maintaining weight loss but a healthier lifestyle that is also associated with improved sleep and mood.  Overall, regular exercise will burn off excessive calories leaving body weight healthy and reducing belly fat, arms, thigh and face fats.

Drink enough water to retain balance hydration.  Water is good, and it regulates blood pressure and renal function. Full hydration will prevent dryness of the skin and nourish your skin.  It prevents dizziness, tiredness, headaches, dry, cracked lips and tongue.

In Summary, a balanced diet is a necessity for a healthy life.  Concentrate on a healthy diet, exercises, be disciplined with good eating habits, avoid stress and manage your working hours to allow “There is life outside work”.








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