Life And Expectations



Life and expectations can be amazing. Just needed a friend who will understand what l want and how to get it. When l lift my eyes in tears, l see you for this l say, for everything that l am today, THANK YOU, Thank you because you became my best friend in need. You never judge faults in me, you smile at me, and when nobody else cares, you did, when nobody was there, you were.


You listen to me, and you help me to achieve my dreams, you keep me going and active. Thank you for being my best friend in need. You are simply the best friend ever. Love and Kindness that you show are indescribable. Thank you for picking me up and standing by me like the highest pillar. Thank you and thank you.!!!


Determination Is a Tool

I guess what l am trying to say is that determination and strength to succeed in life, overcome many hurdles in life. Similarly, many of us have it rough due to circumstantial background or place of birth, family and Country.

Believe In Yourself

However, it is not where one is born that matters, but what we later become in life. Besides, all l wanted was education, to be part of a society and contribute positively to whichever Nation that l then settled. Also, to care and share knowledge with many, to throw light and happiness to many lives. I can confidently say that my best friends up there have indeed helped.


Patience is Virtue in Life

Have a dream and wish that a dream come true. Work closely towards your vision and goal, seek help from good friends up there first and foremost, and they will help in whichever way that they can. There is a triangle of determination, strength and oxygen that will produce results in time. Similarly, be happy with many who are successful, and goodwill will follow you.


Above all else, patience is a virtue. Be patient but be determined to follow your dream; don’t give up due to unfavourable circumstances. Behold, be active in achieving your endeavour in life, and help will surely come at a designed time; hence, patience is a virtue.



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