Necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes, but what does this mean in a simple language.  Well, it is right to say that it means putting your mind, body, love and soul into your passion and achieving extraordinary positive results.  A necessity in demand to break free of a situation in need.

Today, it is clear that if we want something different in our lives, we will have to do something different too.  Change our styles of thinking to experiment that fundamental skills. Everyone has a skill beneath called passion.  We all have a passion, such as hobbies and what else that we love doing outside our normal duty of responsibility.  Many people excel in life with their passionate hobbies instead of what they studied in school, vocational training or trade.

Everyone has possession of one or more passionate skills.  These skills come as a gift or developed knowledge of creativity. It is what we love doing, singing, sports, dancing, drawing, pottering, writing and acting. Others include communicators, caregivers, engineering, mathematicians, poetry, comedian, to mention a few.  A must skill to break through a circumstance.


Utilise your potential to connect with the force that drives your determination, ambition,  vision, energy and ability to identify that inner confidence, an unshakable belief in yourself, to fulfil that potential.

Life is a journey. There are occasions when things become too hard, too much, or even too big to apprehend, and then we want to give up.  Don’t give up instead show empowerment over the situation and aim to achieve your goal, come what may.

Here at SaintAlexandra, many at times we wanted to give up.  But, when it comes to potential and passion, we realise everything is possible if we want it enough, and if we put in the hard work, and unleash the passion and power to achieve our goals, we may make it.  We also recognise the fact that we must take acknowledgement, the success of taking the first step, here we find the energy to carry on.  We know success will come at some point but to keep trying.


Success does not come in one day, it takes time and planning.  Overall, the starting point is self willingness to go the extra mile, confidence, determination, focus and commitment.  You can always say to yourself, yes, l can do this by taking a chance.  Listen to the inspiration of your inner mind, seek Wisdom and share opinion.  Sharing of opinion, many will say don’t sell out your ideas, but how will the idea be put into the test to ascertain if the public will accept your idea or not.  It also encourages verbal research among people when we share ideas, you only need to find those who share the same interest as yours, and it is cost-effective compared to actual ideological research.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  However, it is hard work, but with determination, the sky will be the limit no matter how long it takes.  A little prayer also helps to find Wisdom, inspiration and goals: the strength, motivational tools, and all people to help where necessary.  When there is no godfather or godmother, no pillar to lean on, then you must find your pillar by yourself.  Networking is a good source of a pillar, practice your skills most often and find a mentor. Success does not mean it has to be a one-day breakthrough.  It takes steps, and each step is an accomplishment leading to the next level.  Patience is also a virtue between self passion and success.

Ensure to find your necessity and fulfil your dreams.  Take courage and attempt.  It is positive to try and fail instead of not trying at all. When we try and fail, we learn, we look back and find realisation, then make an amendment, and try again, surely we will make it.  You can be whatever that you wish to be, for the future is in your own hands.   May we find the course to rejoice and enjoy life with the fruits of our labour.













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