Mirela from London

Anita is an outstanding nurse, very efficient in all aspects of her patient care. very informative and carries everyone along especially at difficult times, She is compassionate and friendly and also good fun working around her?

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  • Alex2009 19th February 2019  

    Uk….London… One of the bigest Cosmopolitan City in Europe…Different kind of people , ethnicity, religions , Those facts ,are not important for Anita(nurse in charge at I.C.U London Clinic ), her dream is to help people , giving them the joy and happiness, a better life and the most important ,a healty life !!!
    I strongly believe that she has all the previous background, working in different hospitals and accumulate a loot of experience, she will be able to develop her ambition ,and her kindness in order to help people, to live in a different lifestyle!!!

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