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Mangoes are fruits, and best enjoy when it is natural. The fruit exists in many countries and is seasonal. Mangoes are sweet, and as a result, many people eat this fruit every day and to use it as part of nutrition. The fruit is best to enjoy when it is fresh, available in many countries and it is seasonal.


Fruits improve nutrients and cells daily.

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Regular exercise is needed to burn off carbohydrates.

The fruit is sweet, and as a result, many people use it as part of five daily fruits. It contains low-calorie fruit that has high in fibre, similarly, a source of vitamins A and C. It also has the benefit of calcium, zinc and vitamin E to a minimum. Also, it is a source of folate, B6 and iron.


Eating Mango is good; one can fill up quickly. However, this fruit is sweet and contains sugar. The sugar in mango is natural, and should not to be mistaken for processed sugar. As a result, the fruit sweetness balances out with fibre and a host of nutrients for the body system. Mangoes contain a considerable amount of fibrous content, and it supports the digestive system to function well. As a result, it burns the unwanted calories from the system. It causes further weight loss. It is a piece of good news for those looking to lose weight.

Advantages and Disadvantages

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It is best to keep to moderation of how many mangoes to eat daily. This fruit can help to lose weight if eating moderately; as such, it can equally cause weight gain. Like any other food we eat, moderation is the keyword. Eating too many has the possibility of raising blood sugar and weight gain. Therefore, regular exercise is paramount to burn off the carbohydrates. Individuals believe mangoes help them to go to sleep. As a result, they eat one of this fruit, before going to bed. Mangoes contains pyridoxine, which is useful for the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine find in the brain. Similarly, it is believed to prevent insomnia.


Overall, mangoes are good and have many positive benefits. However, if overeating, there is also risks of diabetes, weight gain instead of losing and diarrhoea.





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