Intensive Care Bedside Nurses.  The Nurses care for the patients like how a mother will look after her sons and daughters, especially when feeling sick or ill.  The care from Bedside Nurses is what leads to patient’s recovery at the earliest when admitted to the Ward and or Intensive Care Unit.  Moreover, l am glad to be an Intensive Care Bedside Nurse, caring for Coronavirus patients face to face.  Stay healthy everyone at this difficult time. Everything will be alright again.


The bedside Nurses are the healing hands, the Nucleus of healthcare, the heartbeat of care in itself.  We are not social distancing from our patients, and we wear our protective equipment and care for our patients as usual.  As bedside nurses, we know patients and families depend totally on us to help them and restore their health.  The greatest of all is health, we understand that, and I and my colleagues, the Doctors and associate healthcare professionals, all hands are on deck to help our patients get through this challenging time successfully.  Meanwhile, we respect and value our patients and their families. And, the Nurses understand the emotional stress families are going through because they are unable to visit the hospital and patients are not able to see their loved ones when most needed.
We only wanted you to know that your loved ones are safe in our hands, and they are not alone.  The Bedside Nurses are your best friend and part of your family.  We are looking after your loved ones very well. Nurses are feeding, washing, treating and comforting them.  Put your mind at rest because we are on it.  God bless you all.  May, the good Angels, help us to treat and restore our patient’s health to normal. CORONAVIRUS WILL SURELY BE DEFEATED.


Moreover, Nurses have these interpersonal skills, holding your hands, giving assurance and instil confidence in you and telling you, it is going to be alright.  The soft tone of voice and gentle touch, showing you compassion and saying, you will get well and discharge from the Unit, don’t worry.  They carry out the Physicians plans for the patient, and it is down to the bedside nurse to deliver it and achieve positive results.  Also, the Nursing Intervention, support, compassion, empathise care given to the patient is unmeasurable.  Vocation is a Vocation with a bonus of education, leading to a professional career.  However, without the inner calling in the first place, nothing else makes it work better.  The genuine calling always makes a massive positive difference to any care. Guess it is right to say, Bedside Nurses, hold the keys to nursing back the good health from illnesses.


We love Bedside Nursing because it is where the healing itself takes place.  Therefore, we support everyone’s job with a shared goal to see our patients get better.  We seemingly work with Doctors and Surgeons from all Department, and, with Dietician, Healthcare Associates, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Speech Therapist.  And also, Ambulance Staff, Families, Cleaners, Kitchen Assistant and Porters.  We all aim to achieve a common goal to see patients speedy recovery.

Moreover, we work together as a team, and while maintaining a good team spirit, we make team efforts and a better outcome for patients and their families.  And for us, we produce a sense of satisfaction and selflessness.  Meanwhile, without bedside Nurses, there will not be hospital admissions, surgery, Outpatient Clinics, and so on.  Nurses are the vital strong-hold of Healthcare industries, and they should get respect and recognition at all cost.


We care for all the body organ system in intensive care units, and the use of technical equipment that supports multiple organs and preventing various organ failures.  We use Ventilators (Kidney machines), Monitoring, Skin and Pressure Sores management.  Besides, what about drugs and infusions, Nursing Skills and quick intervention, hands-on, to mention a few.  Also, we ask Oh; God bless bedside Nurses for all what they do.  We are the end stick of the arrow and love what we quietly do by the patients’ bedside.  We also keep the bedside clean and tidy by the way!

Thank you to all the people of the United Kingdom, and around the World for staying at home and obeying COVID19 RULES.  The Nurses and Doctors stand by you both day and night.  Meanwhile, the other day l was looking through the hospital windows, while at work, and l saw birds flying in the sky, they appeared happy and cheerful, flying so freely.  And, l thought how pleasant it would be for us to feel free and happy again, start a healthy life and moving forward.  But, still, l felt how do the birds feed themselves following a lockdown?  No food is throwing consciously or unconsciously on the ground by humans as a result of staying at home.  Although it seems the pollution level is less, perhaps that makes the birds happy and can feel the fresh air. However, guess it is right and just to say, somehow Mother Nature feeds and take care of, all things bright and beautiful, especially during a stressful situation and or a circumstance.  We find a solace somehow in life.


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