Health is a famous saying for the past centuries. An enjoyable lifestyle will enhance a better life and society at large. The right physical condition of the people makes up a healthy and wealthy nation.  It refers to the importance of health and for us to reflect upon, and able to make the right lifestyle choice.  However, many argued that “wealth is better than health”  If so it should be explained that without a pleasant mental state, it is impossible to benefit from the goodwills of wealth.


Health is wealth, indeed. Similarly, wealth is essential, but, there is a difference between both analysis. An excellent physical condition is paramount because if we are not, meaning if we are not in the state of physical sound mind, mental capacity and social well being, then wealth will fail us.  Wealth, in itself, means those who can have most things that are needed.  However, let’s consider a physical state is a necessary condition, while wealth is a sufficient condition.  Like the old saying, “where there is health, there is life”.   

friendly young nurse talking to senior patient in a hospital


Wealth is essential for retirement, nutrition, medical, housing, family, education, travelling, and daily lifestyle needs, among others.  Meanwhile, affluence is justifiable because it can enable us to continue living even if we don’t have a source of income for a while.  However, there is more to life than money.  Healthy and wealthy both have equal importance.  Health is the key to wealth, because if we are healthy, then we can do more and more work, and so become prosperous.  Similarly, health without opulence becomes imbalance and leads to ill-health after-all, due to worrying about basic amenities of life.


The surgical team operating a patient belly in an operating theatre

Latino dancers in action.

Do your best to stay healthy, all the things that wealth brings do nobody any good if we become ill, and cannot enjoy life.  Yes, money does help, but again what good is it if we become sick from those bad habits of lifestyle?

Therefore, keep to a healthful lifestyle, maintain a balanced diet, stay away from smoking. Excessive alcohol and sleepiness nights do no good.  Also, stay fit with regular exercises, avoid obesity.  Seek medical attention on time, should health presents any challenge.  Early intervention leads to a better outcome.










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