The Harley Street Clinic

Mangalika T Arachchige: Sister In-Charge, Adult Intensive Care, The Harley Street Clinic London


The Harley Street Clinic. Sister-In Charge, Adult Intensive Care. It is with great pride that l endorse Anita as an excellent intensive care nurse. Also, l work side by side with Anita, for many years, and can testify she has a strong sense of dedication. Besides, she is very responsive to her patients.


As a nurse, Anita shows professionalism, empathy and compassionate care to everyone.


Interpersonal skills and affection are beyond words, and these are delivered with a passion to her patients positively. She is respected, well-liked by the nursing staff. Similarly, she is often used as a resource by other nurses for severe cases.


She is a joy to work with by all staff. She has excellent organising skills, time keeping skills. Besides, Anita is well educated and has a unique nursing experience. Not only does Anita discharge nursing care, but she also counsels clients and family alike, supporting everyone. As a result, her nursing care is extraordinary every day. Therefore, management kept her on standby, due to a specific request by clients to look after them.


In summary, Anita is the best co-worker. I have had the pleasure to work with her throughout the last six-seven years. I believe that she will be an outstanding asset to any health care facility.


When lam ill, l will appreciate that Anita looks after me. She is indeed a blessing from above. Her smile and gentleness alone already give you confidence that you are in good hands.


Thank you and Good Luck!



Thank you for your kind words, Sister In-Charge at Harley Street Clinic London. Harley Street is a great hospital to work. Staff are friendly as well as clients. Harley Street is an excellent hospital to recommend.

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