Happiness is for everyone and everything that breadths, all living things deserve to be happy. Satisfaction is a True Gift from above. But what makes anyone happy? Wealth, Health, Achievements, Accomplishments, Talents, Skills, or merely that true natural inner happiness that comes from within. And, it does not matter either poor or rich; it leads to the success of oneself in any situation.

Happiness brings wisdom together to create a better universe. When we are happy, we enjoy good food, warm smile, exercises, dance, singing, and creativity in all dimension. Good things happen when we are delighted; it enhances our plans, dreams, energy and vision. However, all work no play makes Jack a dull boy, try to take a rest, eat well and maintain a good healthy lifestyle.


When we are happy, you can see for yourself, how healthy, glowing we become. Happiness is medicinal; it promotes healing, emotional, spirituality, friendliness, and a positive environment. Sharing and kindness come from joy and putting all together sure a pearl of wisdom.


Happiness is a state of being happy and can be broken down to contentment, cheerfulness, merriment, joy, satisfaction and pleasure, while the opposite is a feeling of being sad. Often, a chemical released in response to happiness, including the serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine.


Happiness protects our hearts, strengthens our immune system, combats stress. As you may have noticed, people who are happy most of the time benefits from aches free, pain-free, positive thinking and good health. Happiness is essential for good health. Similarly, good health is vital to achieving satisfaction; both go hand-in-hand. Fair, to say that good health causes happiness, however, some people are happy all the time, in most circumstances, and can be seen as a gift. Therefore, most importantly, to live a good life, make a healthy choice, and follow health and healthcare guidance toward achieving a healthier lifestyle.


Sadness is not a good companion, and if well managed, that would be great, but, unfortunately, this is not possible most times, “all that glitters is not gold”. Life is complicated. However, life needs a gentle approach with patience, tolerance, energy, hope, strength to carry on. “The rich also cry”, this means everybody is involved at some point to be sad, despite the wealth, fame, education, socialisation, principles, quality control, dominance, all these aren’t enough to keep some of us happy after all. Guess, we all need the skill to manage both happiness and sadness.


Be happy in all that you do; it is not how far that we have to go, but how well. No condition is permanent. Therefore, things do change in a twinkle of an eye, toward for better or for worse. Who knows?










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