A man suffered from shortness of breath. He went into the hospital for treatment. He was given Oxygen Therapy for an hour. Also, vital signs checked to comprise blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and general Medical and Nursing Assessment. After given the oxygen therapy, this Client became much better and, was ready to be discharged.


The doctor that treated him with oxygen brought him a bill of $600 and, this man started crying and felt so bad. The doctor asked him, why are you crying? Is the amount not affordable?. The Client responded that it’s not the bill that is causing him disheartened, but, how ungrateful he has been. First of all, less value to Natural Oxygen. He went on to say that he’s 77 years of age, and, if one hour of oxygen therapy will cost him $600, how much is the cost for 24 hours times 77 years, and his remaining years on earth?


Similarly, l work in the Intensive Care Units, almost every day, and breathing can become difficult with some medical conditions. Conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Besides, critical illness phase and trauma, to mention a few. We are likely to need artificial oxygen support when ill-health becomes visible.


Furthermore, it is right to appreciate nature and values at all cost. Once, the free air diminishes, there is a need to receive oxygen therapy. Therapies are known as, (Nasal Cannula, Facemask, Optiflow, Non-Invasive and Invasive); the need is paramount. Other medical factors in receiving these oxygen therapies can be clinically demanding.

Above all else, we must look after our breathing, lungs, heart and our neurological functions, and also, our renal function. Normal breathing is free, and air pollution must be minimised, to allow us to have fresh air into our system.



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