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Domestic abuse involves so many controlling episodes that led sufferers to feel sad and live in danger. Every day they cry, feel anxious, fearful, tortured, rejected, intimidated, and physically abused. And are covered with bruises all over the body. This situation can happen to anyone at any age, sex, race, religion, sound mind and infirm equally. Moreso, anybody can be a victim even among neighbours.


Help is Available

Domestic abuse sufferers live in fear every minute of the day and awe of the unknown. Abuse can happen to anyone be you a man or a woman or an innocent child, but it is most common among women and children.


Domestic Violence includes physical, emotional, sexual, neglect, finance, bullying and verbal abuse. In a simple language, it is ill-treating a person, taking control of their entire life negatively. It is not a pleasant experience to go through nightmares both day and night. Furthermore, it is essential to understand what is abuse, how abusers take control, and how it starts.

Nobody should be a victim of Domestic Abuse

Many people have died as a result of Domestic Abuse. Also, many have gone through psychological imbalance, including children and teenagers, and the elderly. And senior citizens in any society are no exception. Love and kindness go a long way in making anyone healthy instead of making anyone sad. There is no profit in abusing anybody no matter what. Best to walk away if circumstances are unbearable. Respect to dignity and human life is essential. Similarly, love instead of hate prolong everyone’s life.


There are many ways to resolve issues without violence! Similarly, don’t be afraid to speak to your Healthcare Professionals and when visiting the Accident and Emergency Department, talk to your Doctors and Nurses; speak to the Police, Welfare Officers, Priests, Teachers and your Local Council. Speak to your family and friends.





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