Coronavirus has led me to an active reflection of life.  As an Intensive Care Nurse and  Promoter of Health Education, l have the chance to look at life in general, the effects on health and illness that COVID19 has caused.  However, life is beautiful, but we must learn lessons from all this critical phase of life, to appreciate every little thing in our daily lives.  Many of us are not able to do numerous things that we take for granted, such as freedom to our daily routine of life and goals.



While caring for both Coronavirus and COVID19 clients in the Intensive Care Unit, and at the same time maintaining a lockdown rule, l have time to think and reflect on the meaning of life.  On my off days, l comply with the regulations to Stay at Home and my essential place that l go-to is the hospital to care for people like you and myself.  Life is a journey; l learnt first and foremost, of what use is anything else without health?  Moreover, life is incomplete without happiness, love for humanity, Libertas, Humanitas and Felicitas.  Sharing and extending kindness to everyone in any form, no matter how little, goes a long way to achieve peace and happiness.

Moreover, l also saw human reactions to the existence of life, pain, frustration, rejection, intimidation and empowerment.  Guess the phase of life in 2020 has exposed many things that are leading to the meaning of life.  Many of us, even in workplaces, show their true colours of hate dynamically.  I will like to think that Coronavirus somehow has come to level-up the Earth, cleanse and correct so many strange things.  Above all, it is better to remain positive in times of trouble and tribulation, for it will surely pass.


I taught l should share what l do while complying with the government rules to Stay at Home.  As for me, l take responsibility for my life and that of others putting them first.  I do not wish to be infected with Coronavirus and not to spread it either.  Therefore, while staying at home, l have the opportunity to think of my career and hobbies.  I realise my passion for Photography and Videography, Health Promotion.  Philosophy and Motivational Therapist, and to serve my community.  I suggested to everyone to use the lockdown to think of hobbies and creativity, to keep them busy in one of my blog and on the Facebook page, and this is also what l did.  The outcome has always been that l have a passion for the above career and will be going back to school to learn the skills as an add-on to my current Vocation.


Life is beautiful, like a scented flower, and a better place if love and kindness are shared.  Meanwhile, of what use is life if only to live in sadness, hatred, selfishness and negativity every day. There are lessons for everyone to learn from the calamity that faces us today. There is a need for a change of attitude and be more grateful for every little blessing.  Be happy for every home has a story to tell.  Life is not perfect, and no condition has ever known to be permanent.  Life is not complicated where love is present.  Be patient, kind and forgiven, take a deep breath and enjoy the free oxygen.  Do not be afraid to ask for help when in need, and rest assured you are loved.  I conclude that Health is Wealth and l am sorry when health fails.



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