Happiness is for everyone and everything that breadths, all living things deserve to be happy. Satisfaction is a True Gift from above. But what makes anyone happy? Wealth, Health, Achievements, Accomplishments, Talents, Skills, or merely that true natural inner happiness that comes from within. And, it does not matter either poor or rich; it leads to the success of oneself in any situation.

Happiness brings wisdom together to create a better universe. When we are happy, we enjoy good food, warm smile, exercises, dance, singing, and creativity in all dimension. Good things happen when we are delighted; it enhances our plans, dreams, energy and vision. However, all work no play makes Jack a dull boy, try to take a rest, eat well and maintain a good healthy lifestyle.


When we are happy, you can see for yourself, how healthy, glowing we become. Happiness is medicinal; it promotes healing, emotional, spirituality, friendliness, and a positive environment. Sharing and kindness come from joy and putting all together sure a pearl of wisdom.


Happiness is a state of being happy and can be broken down to contentment, cheerfulness, merriment, joy, satisfaction and pleasure, while the opposite is a feeling of being sad. Often, a chemical released in response to happiness, including the serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine.


Happiness protects our hearts, strengthens our immune system, combats stress. As you may have noticed, people who are happy most of the time benefits from aches free, pain-free, positive thinking and good health. Happiness is essential for good health. Similarly, good health is vital to achieving satisfaction; both go hand-in-hand. Fair, to say that good health causes happiness, however, some people are happy all the time, in most circumstances, and can be seen as a gift. Therefore, most importantly, to live a good life, make a healthy choice, and follow health and healthcare guidance toward achieving a healthier lifestyle.


Sadness is not a good companion, and if well managed, that would be great, but, unfortunately, this is not possible most times, “all that glitters is not gold”. Life is complicated. However, life needs a gentle approach with patience, tolerance, energy, hope, strength to carry on. “The rich also cry”, this means everybody is involved at some point to be sad, despite the wealth, fame, education, socialisation, principles, quality control, dominance, all these aren’t enough to keep some of us happy after all. Guess, we all need the skill to manage both happiness and sadness.


Be happy in all that you do; it is not how far that we have to go, but how well. No condition is permanent. Therefore, things do change in a twinkle of an eye, toward for better or for worse. Who knows?













The plight of homelessness in any society has increased. The number of homeless individuals sleeping rough on the streets, the bus stops, and outside the shops to pass the night is unacceptable. Also, the individuals sleep anywhere around the season in most European, American and Asian Countries, and part of African Countries.

The Society

Members of the society give goodwill to the homeless such as winter clothes, quilt, money and sleeping bags, which is excellent. Similarly, a wealthy man or a woman can build a small apartment and house a few homeless individuals. However, the government, whose sole responsibility is to deliver the duty of care, to the people they govern, turned a blind eye. The numbers of homeless persons have increased over the last five years. Today you will see on every corner of the streets homeless persons.

Practical and Reality

This homeless issue has become a Universal problem and according to the World Health Organisation that says “Health is a Fundamental Human Right” and of course this quote includes homelessness, starvation, clean water, housing, among others.


Psychological Impact

The homeless individual, as well as their families, must be going through a lot of stress. Families do not know where their loved one is. And even if they do, the homeless person might prefer for some reason to remain on the street. It breaks the heart of such a family.


Individuals, rough sleeping, costs the healthcare organisations a tremendous amount of money every year. The fund should have been used in the first place to care for these people.


Effects of Homelessness

Sleeping rough causes malaise, hunger, fear, anxiety, panic and contactable diseases. The lack of sleep and hunger damages physical and mental health illness. Activities of daily living and necessary facilities for personal care is nowhere near reach.


We must help one another during tough times; anyone can be in such a situation at any point in life. Let’s make our Society a better place to live, and show the young generation how to love, share, and support one another.


Mirela from London

Anita is an outstanding nurse, very efficient in all aspects of her patient care. very informative and carries everyone along especially at difficult times, She is compassionate and friendly and also good fun working around her?

Anastacia from Surrey

Anastacia from Surrey

Anita is dedicated and hardworking. She is a very compassionate and conscientious critical care specialist nurse.

She has the ability to put your mind at rest and to put you at ease that she will take care of your loved one with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve.to

She understands patient critical care to the highest level and has a remarkable gift in being able to deal with patients who are facing life-threatening illnesses.

She is a joy to have watching over and caring your loved one during such a difficult time and you feel a sense of peace and trust that your loved one is safe in her hands. She is and always will be the angel beside you at a time when you or a loved one most needs care.

I would most certainly trust Anita wholeheartedly. She is an absolute professional and goes above and beyond her job – this is her passion and a gift, which truly shines in her work.

God Bless you Anita.

Thank you Anita

We have very good experience meeting Anita. She took care of my sister for certain days who is admitted in Charing Cross hospital London. She came across as someone with good professional skill but I gave 5 rate because it was the heart, the real compassion that she has that earned it. Her extra effort to wash and clean and to care for her as a human and not only as a patient is rare to see these days. Thank you Anita.

Mrs Amy Aier – Charing Cross Hospital London




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Domestic abuse involves so many controlling episodes that led sufferers to feel sad and live in danger. Every day they cry, feel anxious, fearful, tortured, rejected, intimidated, and physically abused. And are covered with bruises all over the body. This situation can happen to anyone at any age, sex, race, religion, sound mind and infirm equally. Moreso, anybody can be a victim even among neighbours.


Help is Available

Domestic abuse sufferers live in fear every minute of the day and awe of the unknown. Abuse can happen to anyone be you a man or a woman or an innocent child, but it is most common among women and children.


Domestic Violence includes physical, emotional, sexual, neglect, finance, bullying and verbal abuse. In a simple language, it is ill-treating a person, taking control of their entire life negatively. It is not a pleasant experience to go through nightmares both day and night. Furthermore, it is essential to understand what is abuse, how abusers take control, and how it starts.

Nobody should be a victim of Domestic Abuse

Many people have died as a result of Domestic Abuse. Also, many have gone through psychological imbalance, including children and teenagers, and the elderly. And senior citizens in any society are no exception. Love and kindness go a long way in making anyone healthy instead of making anyone sad. There is no profit in abusing anybody no matter what. Best to walk away if circumstances are unbearable. Respect to dignity and human life is essential. Similarly, love instead of hate prolong everyone’s life.


There are many ways to resolve issues without violence! Similarly, don’t be afraid to speak to your Healthcare Professionals and when visiting the Accident and Emergency Department, talk to your Doctors and Nurses; speak to the Police, Welfare Officers, Priests, Teachers and your Local Council. Speak to your family and friends.







How abusers take control of vulnerable persons, and the consequences affect health. Similarly, the effect causes sleepless nights, starvation, panic, anxiety, and anxiousness. Also, the results can create pain, swing mood, anxiety, and it can get worse.

Abusive individuals need to feel in charge of their relationship. They will make decisions for you and the family, tell you what to do, and expect you to obey without question. Your abuser may treat you like a servant, child, or even as his or her possession.


An abuser will do everything he or she can to make you feel bad about yourself or defective in some way. After all, if you believe you’re worthless and that no one else will want you, you’re less likely to leave. Insults, name-calling, shaming, and public put-downs are all weapons of abuse designed to erode your self-esteem and make you feel powerless.


To increase your dependence on him or her, an abusive partner will cut you off from the outside world. He or she may keep you from seeing family or friends, or even prevent you from going to work or school. You may have to ask permission to do anything, go anywhere, or see anyone.

Threats –Abusers commonly use threats to keep their partners from leaving them into dropping charges. Your abuser may threaten to hurt or harm you, your children, other family members, or even pets. He or she may also threaten to commit suicide, file false charges against you, or report you to child services.


Your abuser may use a variety of intimidation tactics designed to scare you into submission. Such tactics include making threatening looks or gestures, smashing things in front of you, destroying property, hurting your pets, or putting weapons on display. The clear message is that if you don’t obey, there will be violent consequences.

Denial and Blame 

Abusers are very good at making excuses for the inexcusable. They will blame their abusive and violent behaviour on a bad childhood, a bad day, and even on the victims of their abuse. Your abusive partner may minimise the damage or deny that it occurred. He or she will commonly shift the responsibility on to you: Somehow, his or her violent and abusive behaviour is your fault.

Source: Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Service:






It is essential to value your parents and respect them. Many children grew up without one or both parents. Today they can stand up to you and tell you how lucky you are to have parents, and it does not matter whether they are well to do or not. You have a parent or parents that’s all that matters.

The pain of fatherlessness and motherlessness in your heart remains unfilled for life. You need to talk, but they are not there, need advice, but they are not there, graduating from high school. Similarly, University graduation, they are not there, got your first job, their first grandchild, getting married, they are not there.



The world is incomplete without your parents. Every day the pain you experience gives your eyes a watery feeling while missing your parents. If you do have parents, please respect them and honour them for they are an asset you can never fully valued, even just the sense of them around gives you that sense of security.

And what about the people who are alone in this world, no parents, no brothers and sisters, imagine how tough this could be? You are feeling lonely all the time. Who do you talk to and who do you share troubled times and happy moments with;


Count yourself lucky if you have a family, mother, father and siblings for you will never know how lucky you are! Cherish and value your family, respect them and show them how much you love them. Appreciate them every day and don’t fight them because they are significant assets which you can never fully appreciate while they are here with us!



When we face expected or unexpected illnesses at some point in our lives who do we call?  You call your family and good friends, and they will stand by you at all times. We all need one another in our lives both at reasonable times and bad times. Be kind to your parents as much as they were to you from birth.



Healthcare is a fundamental human right. The waiting time often put off many people from attending urgent care but what’s more important than health.

However, the waiting time could have been utilising elsewhere, either in bed, at work, shops, pubs or travelling. All these places are part of our daily choices but the waiting time to receive treatment and to restore health may not be a choice in the end. Besides, Ill health may not allow daily activities as usual until care is received. If surgery is accepted, the outcome, in the end, is what matters.

Your Health Your Right

Urgent Care is not a choice; when falling ill and need immediate care, then, we need to be patient and be seen by the healthcare professionals and failing to do this, will result in a severe health problem. Healthcare professionals have been trained to prioritise serious illnesses to minor illnesses.

Individuals can argue the waiting time they experience in the NHS but need to understand that, seeing a patient is not about seeing a patient it is about proper assessment and diagnosis to ascertain the primary cause of the illness and to offer the right treatment that is needed.


No healthcare professional would want to diagnose or treat anyone in a rush. Quick diagnosis often ends up with misdiagnosis, wrong information, and incorrect treatment, nobody will like such an outcome. Therefore, we all need to be patient. Time is a great healer.

The Waiting Time Would Worth It In The End

Any patient is happy that enough time is given to diagnose the ill health and find the cause of the illness. If you are not feeling too well how can other interests in life be achieved? Therefore “4 hours” waiting time is an investment to your health.


Urgent Care waiting time is not 4 hours every day; it all depends on individual cases and how many numbers of patients. Be patient, the Healthcare Professionals are human, trying, to help in whichever way that they can.