Many people around the world are estimated to have hypertension.  Hypertension usually has no symptoms.  Still, it is a significant leading cause of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack.


Each year, the number of patients with these diseases is steadily growing.  Even when these life-threatening diseases do not result in death, patients can often become housebound or suffer from speech impairment.  It causes a marked drop in patients’ quality of life.  These outcomes affect not only the patients themselves but can create significant burdens on families who provide care for them.


Increasingly severe air pollution mainly in emerging economies and changes in lifestyles have caused an increase in people living with asthma.  Moreover, along with the rapid rise in the ageing population, those who suffer from knee pains are also overgrowing.  Respiratory illness and pain have already become a major social issue in our society.


Home care and personal health promotion have become a necessity.  Healthcare professionals have more to do with health promotion, going back to the basic with primary health care in the Community.  Health Education is a theoretical possibility of enhancing and providing care to individuals.  Meanwhile, personal care of those who may have suffered from the consequences of hypertension will need a full package of care both from the government and by health care professionals.


It is paramount that preventive measures are in place to support every individual by providing a health check program.  Guess, people need education on how to use home blood pressure monitor, blood glucose test, home oxygen and nebulisers.  Also, signs and symptoms of both high and low blood pressure, when to call for a doctor or visit the family doctor will need health education to achieve good health in our society.


Moreover, stress is usually a contributing factor to hypertension once diagnosed.  Teaching and promoting health is a necessity at all times; sleep deprivation, anger, paranoid is another measure to prevent hypertension.  Nurses should pay more attention to health promotion.  Prevention is a better cure at all cost.