January 2020



The law of the road must be adhered to and obey.  Many occasions l have observed rough drivers and intimidations, especially when there is opposite sex on the wheel.


The point is that it is not how good or how bad we are on the road.  We must think of other road users and yourself.  I work across Intensive Care Units and have treated and caring for trauma clients.  It is not fun when this happens, and any family will agree that it is not fun.

Male doctor examining intensive care patient


There are many reasons and factors why there are rules, dos and don’ts on the major roads, streets and rural villages.  If we obey, then, everyone is safe.  Had l  known is not always the best outcome of any situation, because at such point, perhaps too late?  Prevention is still the best policy.  Eat well, sleep well, exercise and have fun, look fresh in the morning and start the day with gladness.  Happiness comes from within, and with gifted joy, the sky is the limit in doing what is right and just.


Follow the law of the road. Know your left from right, obey the recommended miles in any Country roads, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and you the driver and your passengers will be safe as well as other road users.  We all know what l am talking about, and it is not new to anyone, especially drivers.  Drive safe and keep safe.  Check the DVLA site regularly to see updated articles and recommendations.

It is crucial to think of actions, responsibilities and consequences.  Do not drink-drive or under the influence of some form of drugs and is hyperactive.  Check your medication side effects, that it does not contain drowsiness.  If feeling unwell, do not drive and also listen to your instinct, sometimes we have this strange feeling like “l don’t feel like driving” best to listen to oneself.  We are accountable for our actions, and ignorance is no excuse, they said.  Therefore, we should take responsibility at all cost.


It is a pleasure to drive.  Keep your driving particulars updated, ensure your driving license is up to date.  Respect the roads and the road users, drive like a professional. How you drive presents your personality to other drivers and all the roads users.  The mannerism of the road demands respect, control, focus, attention and obedient. No matter how late we are to a destination, there is no need to disobey the law of the streets and highway, because when unexpected happens, then, we are unable to continue the journey anyway. Therefore, organise your time, go to bed early, early to bed and early to rise. Take a walk, get some fresh air and have holidays booked to enhance relaxation, eat well and keep fit.   Avoid rushing by all means and stay safe.  Let us show our young ones the best practice.  Obedience is the beginning of Wisdom.







The functions of electrolytes in the body system are amazing and how to get it balanced is by having a healthy diet.  Firstly, electrolytes in human beings consist of sodium, calcium, potassium.  Also, magnesium, bicarbonate, chloride and phosphate.  Proper maintenance has its functional roles in our body system, and yet individual electrolyte works together to compensate each other.  The simple fact is that electrolytes are good for us because it helps with regulations of nerves and muscles.  Also, it balances the blood acidity and improves hydration. 

Electrolytes serve as a maintenance to the cardiovascular system, respiratory, neurology, renal system.  The kidneys play a significant role and electrolyte help as a building block of cells for clinical normality. These are like a substance that controls electricity once dissolve in water. This area of health-care should be looked into for individuals, to achieve a healthier living and preventive effects of signs and symptoms of severe low maintenance.


Several factors lead to gaining and losing these maintenances in our body system. Similarly, there are supplements specifically made to boost our electrolytes, and some people are medically in need of such supplements.  Firstly, we get all of the maintenance through food and vegetables. Yes, the food that we freshly cook in our kitchens, mainly none process vegetables and fruits, where possible, are very active.  Homemade food is always the best and a better outcome.

A balanced diet can give us adequate support such as spinach, kale, avocados and broccoli — also, potatoes, beans, almonds, peanuts and tomatoes — besides, olives, raisins and fruits, in general, are good sources.  The tubers (potatoes), white-beans and banana are good sources of potassium consumption. Avocado, vegetables and fruits, experts suggest. Chicken, turkey, fish such as flounder, soybeans, buttermilk and yoghurt too, are inclusive.  Best to have a balanced diet, keep up with the five fruits a day and all electrolytes should be up to clinical parameters.

Doctor and nurses examining male patient in a hospital room

Speak to your doctor should there be any concerns or a Nutritionist.  It is paramount to maintain a balanced diet and to keep electrolytes up to the level required for individuals.

doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient


We lose these maintenances due to medical instability, and electrolytes need balancing.  However, because of some medical conditions, such as poor diet, a prolonged period of vomiting and diarrhoea.  And, also polyuric episodes, dehydration after exercises, as a result of insensible loss through sweat. Some medication also causes loss of electrolytes, take diuretics, for instance.  Age is also a factor; severe dehydration and malnourishment also drop electrolytes level.


Hospital-based care and the community Nurses and Doctors will monitor the maintenance level.  A blood sample to the laboratory and the results will tell the concentration level.  If the results show a low level, the Nurses will replace the particular maintenance and bring it up to the standard required.  Also, if the electrolytes become high such as potassium, for instance, this is reversible to bring it down to the average level and prevent the effects of cardiac instability.  Sodium, calcium and magnesium should not be too high or, too low either. It is recommendable that everyone knows about electrolytes and its functions, and what to do in the event of imbalances.