September 2019


Health is a famous saying for the past centuries. An enjoyable lifestyle will enhance a better life and society at large. The right physical condition of the people makes up a healthy and wealthy nation.  It refers to the importance of health and for us to reflect upon, and able to make the right lifestyle choice.  However, many argued that “wealth is better than health”  If so it should be explained that without a pleasant mental state, it is impossible to benefit from the goodwills of wealth.


Health is wealth, indeed. Similarly, wealth is essential, but, there is a difference between both analysis. An excellent physical condition is paramount because if we are not, meaning if we are not in the state of physical sound mind, mental capacity and social well being, then wealth will fail us.  Wealth, in itself, means those who can have most things that are needed.  However, let’s consider a physical state is a necessary condition, while wealth is a sufficient condition.  Like the old saying, “where there is health, there is life”.   

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Wealth is essential for retirement, nutrition, medical, housing, family, education, travelling, and daily lifestyle needs, among others.  Meanwhile, affluence is justifiable because it can enable us to continue living even if we don’t have a source of income for a while.  However, there is more to life than money.  Healthy and wealthy both have equal importance.  Health is the key to wealth, because if we are healthy, then we can do more and more work, and so become prosperous.  Similarly, health without opulence becomes imbalance and leads to ill-health after-all, due to worrying about basic amenities of life.


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Do your best to stay healthy, all the things that wealth brings do nobody any good if we become ill, and cannot enjoy life.  Yes, money does help, but again what good is it if we become sick from those bad habits of lifestyle?

Therefore, keep to a healthful lifestyle, maintain a balanced diet, stay away from smoking. Excessive alcohol and sleepiness nights do no good.  Also, stay fit with regular exercises, avoid obesity.  Seek medical attention on time, should health presents any challenge.  Early intervention leads to a better outcome.











Walking exercise makes a positive lifestyle change easy.  The exercise improves an individual’s health.  Walking is simple, and it is free.


The advantages of walking are:  It is one of the easiest ways to get active, lose weight, feel light, benefits the heart, it regulates circulations and blood pressure.  Free from blood clotting.  Similarly, achieve strong bones, muscles, effective digestion, proper renal functions and over-all good quality of life.

First and foremost, the fresh morning breeze and early Sunrise are very healthy, we derive Vitamin D from the morning sun, and this cannot be achieved by staying indoor nor during the winter.  Therefore, it is paramount to get out in the morning and take a walk, even for 10-20 minutes.  Walking goes a long way of promoting health for both young and old alike.

Walking is an effective way of exercising among other forms of exercises.  However, walking exercise is ignore in most cases.  Those who walk dogs in the mornings and evenings knows the advantages of walking.  Other people form a walking group and activities during the weekend, or any other day within the week.

Walking benefits can help to build stamina, burn off excess calories and promote a healthier heart.  Besides, you do not need to walk for hours but a brisk of 10 minutes daily walk lots of health benefits and counts towards recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise.


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Before you start taking a walk, to consider any shoes or trainers that are comfortable and provide adequate support.  Trainers that are not too tight to cause bunion or hammertoes, blisters, pain and redness.

A bunion is a painful bony bump that develops on the inside of the foot at the big toe joint.  Pressure on the big toe joint causes the big toe to lean toward the second toe.  Test shoes or trainers before you start taking a walk, especially a long walk, ensure there is enough allowance and not too tight.

It is important to walk to work if your workplace is walkable.  Use the stairs instead of the lift, if you can.  It does not matter how many stairs you can manage and use the elevator for the rest floors.

For long walks, remember to take some water, healthy snacks or light food, sunscreen and a hat — also, a waterproof jacket and some specialist walking shoes for more challenging routes.


If you are not very active, a little walk within a long corridor of your house will be an advantage if you have one.  A short distance walk is helpful and increases the distance daily.  Swimming is also a perfect exercise where walking fails due to joint problems such as arthritis.

However, if due to medical condition that walking proves impossible, contact local Health and Social Care to advise on best exercises.  Home Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist would be happy to help with advice and training.

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Music is influential psychologically and compelling when walking.  It motivates and helps to get into a rhythm that prompts faster walking.  Listening to music while walking takes your mind off the distance and effort.

Walking is an effective way to achieve a healthier life.  We have tried the exercise and never stop walking, the fresh morning air is impressive, and the positive outcome is unmeasurable.  Walking defeats depression; it promotes wishful thinking and a sound mind; you feel great at the end of walking exercise and remain active.

The most gracious outcome of this exercise is that you often hear people say“Take a walk and clear your head”.  Well, it is true, when angry or in disagreement with a loved one or anyone at-all, taking a walk controls anger and it serves as a tool for minor anger management in the first instance.  And also, part solution for frustration, anxiety and panics.

A walking exercise helps anyone to calm down and reason well psychologically, sociologically and philosophically.  Take a walk improves sound judgement positively.  Make it a habit, and you will not regret it!