February 2019



A man suffered from shortness of breath. He went into the hospital for treatment. He was given Oxygen Therapy for an hour. Also, vital signs checked to comprise blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and general Medical and Nursing Assessment. After given the oxygen therapy, this Client became much better and, was ready to be discharged.


The doctor that treated him with oxygen brought him a bill of $600 and, this man started crying and felt so bad. The doctor asked him, why are you crying? Is the amount not affordable?. The Client responded that it’s not the bill that is causing him disheartened, but, how ungrateful he has been. First of all, less value to Natural Oxygen. He went on to say that he’s 77 years of age, and, if one hour of oxygen therapy will cost him $600, how much is the cost for 24 hours times 77 years, and his remaining years on earth?


Similarly, l work in the Intensive Care Units, almost every day, and breathing can become difficult with some medical conditions. Conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Besides, critical illness phase and trauma, to mention a few. We are likely to need artificial oxygen support when ill-health becomes visible.


Furthermore, it is right to appreciate nature and values at all cost. Once, the free air diminishes, there is a need to receive oxygen therapy. Therapies are known as, (Nasal Cannula, Facemask, Optiflow, Non-Invasive and Invasive); the need is paramount. Other medical factors in receiving these oxygen therapies can be clinically demanding.

Above all else, we must look after our breathing, lungs, heart and our neurological functions, and also, our renal function. Normal breathing is free, and air pollution must be minimised, to allow us to have fresh air into our system.





Doctor with laptop sleeping in the doctor’s office

Sleep deprivation causes medical concerns. Sleep is an essential natural daily need and must be acknowledged. Good night sleep is crucial to our health. Good sleep helps us to be energetic in the morning, focused, thinking rightly, looking fresh, and full of life. However, due to the pressure of work and family commitment, natural sleep patterns could be affected in most cases.


Good sleep is no different from body essentials such as breathing, eating and drinking, mental and daily physical health. Also, sleep and health work hand in hand to enhance the excellent state of mind and promote better health. Meanwhile, poor sleep can increase the chances of poor health, such as fertility, negative mental wellbeing. Above all, daily recognition of stress coming from lack of sleep, grumpiness and not working at your best. Regular poor sleep puts us at the risk of severe medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and it shortens our life expectancy.


Sleep deprivation can cause us lifestyle changes, and this can take time to implement. Once it is applied, then medical instability begins. It is not the length of time we sleep but the quality of the sleep. It was said 8-10 hours of sleep without the need of putting on the alarm, but to wake up by oneself, is the best sleep. Lack of adequate sleep as you already know causes puffy eyes, red, tired looking eyes and overall body tiredness, yarning and restless. A noisy environment should be well managed to allow a good sleep at any hour.


Take evening exercises; even 20-30 minutes evening walk would be beneficial. We cannot do without a good night sleep, and children should be taught to take early to bed routine practice.


It is an excellent practice to have a good rest after a long day of work. We must take the job off days solemn, using such days to rest after minimal home cleaning, shopping and washing. Off days are not met for extra earnings but to relax and recruit energy, looking fresh for another day at work. Our health is far way more important than any extras, of course, hard times is acknowledged, but if unexpected happened, all the extras would not be enough to pay for healthcare.







The Harley Street Clinic

Mangalika T Arachchige: Sister In-Charge, Adult Intensive Care, The Harley Street Clinic London


The Harley Street Clinic. Sister-In Charge, Adult Intensive Care. It is with great pride that l endorse Anita as an excellent intensive care nurse. Also, l work side by side with Anita, for many years, and can testify she has a strong sense of dedication. Besides, she is very responsive to her patients.


As a nurse, Anita shows professionalism, empathy and compassionate care to everyone.


Interpersonal skills and affection are beyond words, and these are delivered with a passion to her patients positively. She is respected, well-liked by the nursing staff. Similarly, she is often used as a resource by other nurses for severe cases.


She is a joy to work with by all staff. She has excellent organising skills, time keeping skills. Besides, Anita is well educated and has a unique nursing experience. Not only does Anita discharge nursing care, but she also counsels clients and family alike, supporting everyone. As a result, her nursing care is extraordinary every day. Therefore, management kept her on standby, due to a specific request by clients to look after them.


In summary, Anita is the best co-worker. I have had the pleasure to work with her throughout the last six-seven years. I believe that she will be an outstanding asset to any health care facility.


When lam ill, l will appreciate that Anita looks after me. She is indeed a blessing from above. Her smile and gentleness alone already give you confidence that you are in good hands.


Thank you and Good Luck!



Thank you for your kind words, Sister In-Charge at Harley Street Clinic London. Harley Street is a great hospital to work. Staff are friendly as well as clients. Harley Street is an excellent hospital to recommend.



Happiness is for everyone and everything that breadths, all living things deserve to be happy. Satisfaction is a True Gift from above. But what makes anyone happy? Wealth, Health, Achievements, Accomplishments, Talents, Skills, or merely that true natural inner happiness that comes from within. And, it does not matter either poor or rich; it leads to the success of oneself in any situation.

Happiness brings wisdom together to create a better universe. When we are happy, we enjoy good food, warm smile, exercises, dance, singing, and creativity in all dimension. Good things happen when we are delighted; it enhances our plans, dreams, energy and vision. However, all work no play makes Jack a dull boy, try to take a rest, eat well and maintain a good healthy lifestyle.


When we are happy, you can see for yourself, how healthy, glowing we become. Happiness is medicinal; it promotes healing, emotional, spirituality, friendliness, and a positive environment. Sharing and kindness come from joy and putting all together sure a pearl of wisdom.


Happiness is a state of being happy and can be broken down to contentment, cheerfulness, merriment, joy, satisfaction and pleasure, while the opposite is a feeling of being sad. Often, a chemical released in response to happiness, including the serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine.


Happiness protects our hearts, strengthens our immune system, combats stress. As you may have noticed, people who are happy most of the time benefits from aches free, pain-free, positive thinking and good health. Happiness is essential for good health. Similarly, good health is vital to achieving satisfaction; both go hand-in-hand. Fair, to say that good health causes happiness, however, some people are happy all the time, in most circumstances, and can be seen as a gift. Therefore, most importantly, to live a good life, make a healthy choice, and follow health and healthcare guidance toward achieving a healthier lifestyle.


Sadness is not a good companion, and if well managed, that would be great, but, unfortunately, this is not possible most times, “all that glitters is not gold”. Life is complicated. However, life needs a gentle approach with patience, tolerance, energy, hope, strength to carry on. “The rich also cry”, this means everybody is involved at some point to be sad, despite the wealth, fame, education, socialisation, principles, quality control, dominance, all these aren’t enough to keep some of us happy after all. Guess, we all need the skill to manage both happiness and sadness.


Be happy in all that you do; it is not how far that we have to go, but how well. No condition is permanent. Therefore, things do change in a twinkle of an eye, toward for better or for worse. Who knows?