Healthcare is a fundamental human right. The waiting time often put off many people from attending urgent care but what’s more important than health.

However, the waiting time could have been utilising elsewhere, either in bed, at work, shops, pubs or travelling. All these places are part of our daily choices but the waiting time to receive treatment and to restore health may not be a choice in the end. Besides, Ill health may not allow daily activities as usual until care is received. If surgery is accepted, the outcome, in the end, is what matters.

Your Health Your Right

Urgent Care is not a choice; when falling ill and need immediate care, then, we need to be patient and be seen by the healthcare professionals and failing to do this, will result in a severe health problem. Healthcare professionals have been trained to prioritise serious illnesses to minor illnesses.

Individuals can argue the waiting time they experience in the NHS but need to understand that, seeing a patient is not about seeing a patient it is about proper assessment and diagnosis to ascertain the primary cause of the illness and to offer the right treatment that is needed.


No healthcare professional would want to diagnose or treat anyone in a rush. Quick diagnosis often ends up with misdiagnosis, wrong information, and incorrect treatment, nobody will like such an outcome. Therefore, we all need to be patient. Time is a great healer.

The Waiting Time Would Worth It In The End

Any patient is happy that enough time is given to diagnose the ill health and find the cause of the illness. If you are not feeling too well how can other interests in life be achieved? Therefore “4 hours” waiting time is an investment to your health.


Urgent Care waiting time is not 4 hours every day; it all depends on individual cases and how many numbers of patients. Be patient, the Healthcare Professionals are human, trying, to help in whichever way that they can.